Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hakodate - Hokkaido

Free and Easy in Japan, we are at Hakodate!

Upon reaching the station, we went to the tourist corner to purchase the unlimited tram ride ticket which we will be using it to travel round Hakodate.

As usual, we went to check in our hotel first (to ease our bag and hand from luggage) before touring round Hakodate. Our hotel - Ekimae is just beside Hakodate Station ^^ (thank to my wife for choosing all hotel near train station, so we do not need to carry our luggage and walk too far)

After checking in, we took a bus to nearby restaurant for our lunch ^^v

Their system is kind of different from Singapore where you board the bus from the rear and alight at through the front. When boarding the bus, you will have to take a ticket (you will see it at the door where you board the take) with a number on the ticket. At the front of the bus, you will see a board with number on it and they will display the location number so that you can keep track where you are. When you want to alight, press the bell to alert the driver and prepare your bus fare. How much is your bus fare? Look at the board and search for the number indicate on your ticket, the fare is stated next to the number. Minimum charges i think is about 100 Yens. They even have a coin exchange machine for you to change your note as they only accept coin and no changes will be given

回転寿司函太郎 Kantaro

My "First" Sushi in Japan (although i had it at Tsukiji Market on my second day =x) as this place is has more variety of sushi

Lucky for us as there is not much customers

They does not have Salmon sashimi so we ordered a mixture of sashimi to try

Just a few dishes that we order (too much if i put up all of them =p)

The outlet is located just beside the beach. You can enjoy the view while eating sushi.
After a satisfy meal, we take a little stroll along the beach before heading back to the bus terminal (located next to Hakodate Station) to change tram to visit the rest of the areas.

The Tram operate the same system, board from the rear, take your ticket and when alight pay the fare appear on the board. however we purchase the unlimited ride hence no need to pay just show the driver the ticket will do

Took a cable car to the top 


haiz~ i would say i love and hate the snow. Due to the snow we are unable to catch the night view of Hakodate which said to be the Millionaire View in world. We even stayed later to see if the snow stop however never =( and due to that we also miss another spot as it is close when we go down hill


Only manage to catch the out look but all shop were close and we are unable to go in to explore.

                                           Luckily, we had a great dinner to end the day
The Clown burger. Heard that it is only available in Hakodate and even the Princess of Japan also love it.

Got a little difficult ordering as not a lot of Japanese speak english. We based on picture to order. We order ranking number 1 and 2

No. 2

No. 1 =D

Leaving Hokkaido to Tokyo..... Harajuku 

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