Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sapporo - Hokkaido

Free and Easy in Japan - We went from Tokyo to Hokkaido - Sapporo

We travelled via Shingansen (bullet train). The ticket and reservation of seat is done on the first day (which can be found Here) when we arrived at the Narita Airport. Travelling from Tokyo to Hokkaido takes about 9 - 10 hours of ride (need to change in between) and we choose to take a night ride which save us one night on hotel expenses =p


The seat is spacious and comfortable (enough space for us to stretch our leg), it is very clean as well(the staff will clean up the train at the first/last station before boarding). Behind the seat (in front of you) they have dinning table for you to place your foods and etc.

Toilet~ Clean and class...

Our dinner for that night, we bought at the station while waiting for the train.Traveling time takes total 10hrs, 3hrs from Tokyo to Shin-Amori via Shingansen, and another 7hrs from Shin-Amori to Sapporo via normal night train (where the seat can be adjusted lower for us to reach laying position) 

 How the night train look like 

Toilet Bowl is separated from the basin. Apologize for the unsightly appearance =x surprising how come this toilet so different from the other train we have been =x

Finally~ we reached our destination. First thing is to proceed to our hotel, Hotel Route Inn Sapporo, to deposit our luggages (check in timing for hotel(almost all) in Japan is 2pm) before continue our journey.

Our Breakfast for that day, Oden, which can be purchase in their 7-11 store. Having something warm in cold weather make u feel like heaven........

After touring nearby sceneries, we took train to our next destination - 白色恋人馆

Their ticket machine, come with english menu which you have to try finding it within the screen

Remember to collect your ticket after u insert it at the "arrow", however when upon exit at the destination, the ticket will be retain.

Hmm... no ppl! dunnoe is because working hour or Sapporo has lesser crowd =x

Enjoying the snow and the cold breeze blowing at our face......

Petrol station

白色恋人 factory, however we went there to take photo but did not pay for the admission to enter the factory as we not keen on the process but the end product =D

They have one small shop selling hot drink to keep you warm in the cold weather.
Very nice..... yummy~

After that we just settle our lunch some where along the way
Fried Oyster 

Pork Cutlet 

And we continue shopping till night =D 

The famous shopping street in Sapporo, 狸小路. Okay in the picture you see is 狸小路 "1", total there are "7" street for you to shop.... items like cosmetic is quite cheap compare to what we see at other places. There is one shop which sell snack with tax rebate and we got most of our souvenir there =x

Some of the items we bought on that day. Souvenir already keep in luggage lazy to rearrange =x
To end the day, we have our dinner at Picante.

Next stop  - Otaru!

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