Tuesday, 28 May 2013


My Wife's friend recommended her a steamboat near her home at RM20 (less than SGD10 dollar) steamboat for TWO!!!

Wa.... to us (Singaporean) steamboat is buffet style where we have a pot of soup, chicken/pork/ma la base with variety of food (Crabstick, meat/fish/sotong ball, vegetables and lot more) to choose from. We will then throw into the soup to cook and eat. As mention buffet which mean freeflow of food and usually it will cost SGD20+ (road side) to SGD40-50+ (restaurant/hotel) per pax.

So i very happy looking forwards for the dinner.... ^^

Reached destination #田园粥底火锅 at #SuteraUtama

When went in, i cannot find any items display (Singapore style: they will place all the items at a side of the shop for customer to self service) and wondering where to take the items.... o.O

When seated down, there is a menu with all the items inside. Then i thought oh... is order the ingredient and they will deliver over (which is another style in Singapore for those higher class place where you place order to the waiter and they will serve you the items [more fresh, instead of displaying the items outside exposing to the air and flies] without you walking up and down to take your items.

Then again, i looked closer at the menu. How come there is price for every items? i thought should be free? one price for all? My disappointment came....... my wife explain that in malaysia, the steamboat work this way.

They have a few set of option to choose from. Each set with different price come with different items and minimum we have to order two set and that it. We can only eat what is given to us on that set at the set price which is RM20 (each set is RM8.90, min. two set so is RM17.80 i round up RM20) [my heart sank.... what?! i thought i can eat until i full] However, we can have side order which follow the price state below the items in the menu (side order). One fishball cost RM4 (only 5 fishball), maybe still consider cheap, however some other items cost much more like meat items is about RM10 (i dunnoe how many slice cause i nv order =D ). Imaging i order 3 plates of meat (beef, chicken and pork) that will be RM30 extra on top of my set. Ok, now let me explain why you will get side order....

ok this is one plate of two set combine...... Two meatball, two fishball, 2 crabstick (cut into two so you have 4 pieces) some vegetable, meats and 4 prawns. which mean one person 1 meatball, 1 fishball, 1 crabstick and so on...... need to order side dish? maybe up to individual appetite ba.... But for me YES!!! sad thing.... the set we ordered by right have fish slice but they nv give!!! dunnoe izzit they have other set which they mixed up and give us the one no fish (i check all set included fish wor..)

The speciality of this shop is the soup base is porridge type which have to add additional money if not you can order the clear soup type which is free. Since it is the speciality, we ordered the porridge base.

It came with clay pot. Initially, we throw only a few items in but the soup seem like not boiling (we think is because it is porridge base, hence cannot see the boiling) we decided to to dump everything in and cover the pot to let it boil (hopefully faster). After everything go in, seem like i am eating only vegetable.. lolz....

And we wait for the ingrediant to be cooked.........

And finally.....
I can eat >.<

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