Monday, 6 May 2013

Taste of Thailand

Looking for Thai Food in Yishun? Here is one place you should not miss.....

It is located at the end of Yishun, Yishun Industrial Park A at a corner near Yishun Fire Station. Not very sure what is the store name but since it write "Taste of Thailand" i shall called it Taste of Thailand =x.

At night only this stall is open, so you can sit anywhere and they will come and serve you with their menu. The dish might not be tradditional Thai looking, but the taste is there.

One of the dish that you cannot missed when eating Thai Food.... Tom Yam soup!!! Sour and Spicy!! and it does not have the choking effect which you might get from other Thai outlet.

Deep fried fish!! The meat is soft and crispy~~ Came with some sause for you to pour unto it. Very fresh and cheap!!

Another signature dish~~ Fried Sotong.... Never had enough of this man. Crispy and chewy. One of the Fav.


Ordered two dish of vegetable to complete the meal, cannot be just meat.... haha....
Overall the dish is not too spicy, acceptable range and the price is reasonable. Damage about $40 dollar for 5 dishes.