Thursday, 30 May 2013

Otaru - Hokkaido

Free and Easy in Japan, we reached Otaru.

One of my fav place as there are a lot of things to eat =p but we missed one unique item due to the timing (cause they close quite early at 5pm) =(

How the station look like

Street view

We proceed to our hotel Sonia which is within 2km from train station.

Otaru Canal 小樽运河, a place which you can't miss but my view nothing much special =x 
However, i found some photo capture of this place with lighting and decoration, maybe only during certain festive ba 

Went strolling along the street, you will find a lot of shops selling delicious cakes, ice cream and sea food

The shop which we missed (mention at the start of the post), they sell some special flavour ice cream such as squid ink o.O, in the end we bought normal ice cream along the street (came in 7 different flavour, somehow special also =D) 

Otaru is quite a small town (i feel) as we completed within half a day, also because we did not go further though, thought there's nothing much to explore (i might be wrong). As most of the shops close around 5-6pm, there is not much night activities and we left with nothing to do but to relax in the hotel. Despite saying so, the first half of the day is quite fun, walking along the street, eating and shopping (quite a lot of stuff to buy, crystal glass, souvenir, etc)

Must to visit shop: 六花亭,北果楼,LeTao梦不思议泡芙

Next Stop Hakodate~

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