Monday, 13 May 2013


Looking for some cheap and good fine dinning? You can give it a try at Saveur.

Technical issue~ my camera combine 1st and 2nd photo together... oO hmm... did i press anything?

When we reached, there is a lot of people standing outside the shop, however they are not que-ing. The restaurant work in a way that they will take down your name and contact number so when there is available seat, they will you a ring. Hence, do not assume the people are que-ing, they are just waiting outside the restaurant for their turn. You can kindly approach the staff (as and when he/she will walk out and see if there are new customer) to leave down your name and contact. The restaurant does not take in reservation. Although i mention fine dinning (cause the food presentation and quality like fine dinning) the space is quite narrow and crowded, hence you do not really have the "fine" dinning feel.

Their menu is quite simple, Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert and Drink. However, on the wall they had something written "special" but we did not take a closer look hence not sure what is it. Secondly, they have something like a set dinner (appetizer,main course and dessert) which they did not introduce/recommend so i did not look into detail =x

Overall, the food is good but the service is a bit lacking. We waited about 30mins to get our drinks and appetizer served. =.= way too long for drink i can say. Sadly, we did not get to taste their duck (main course) as said is their signature dish and they did not inform us that is it out of stock (when we are que-ing) until when we settle down and ready to order. Enough said... Now the food!!!

Some menu written on the wall

Shirley Temple

Mango Juice

Lemon Fizz

Okay... this is not cappuccino, so you would not find it under the drink menu. It is called Mushroom Cappuccino. It is mushroom soup served in a tea cup. The mushroom is well blend and taste like you are drinking cappuccino but mushroom favour 

Foie Gras with Apple

Saveur Pasta

Okay, i did not remember all the dish name~ We ordered all the main course except for the Duck.
This is the beef, it is been cut into pieces of 6 (cause each of us one pieces only) very tender and not hard. Easy to chew and swallow

Sea brass. The skin is very crispy and the meat is fresh, you don't taste any fish smell in it.

Pork. Came with half boil egg and some bean (do not know what the name of the bean) The meat is tender and easy to chew, the skin also very crispy

Okay, last course the Chicken. Served with rice with cheese also pre sliced into 6 pieces

We did not order any dessert as we are celebrating our friend's birthday. So we got birthday cake to end as the dessert. (cake not bought from the restaurant)  

Overall, we had a nice dinner, will visit again for special occasion. Btw they have two outlet and the one we went to is at 5 Purvis St, another branch is at Scott's Road. More information, you can visit their website at

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