Saturday, 1 June 2013

Piedra Negra

Heard that there is one mexican restaurant nearby and we decided to give it a try.

Quite a small restaurant. Not much customer as well, only a few couple of foreigner. Open space without any air condition. 

Bar Counter. They serve cocktail, juice and beer

Some other decoration within the restaurant


Nachos with Chicken. You can Beef or Vegetable as well. Cheese were place on top of the nachos and whole plate is put into oven and heat up where the cheese will melt onto the nachos before placing the rest of the ingredient is place on top. When served, be careful as the plate is hot. Nachos is crispy but yet have a kind of softness in it (the part where is the cheese stick on) the "dressing" (sauce) is very nice, can't actually taste what is inside though. Did not expect this course to be consider as main course as it seem to be more like side order/snack kind of dish. Can be very fulling if you are eating alone.  

Pasta Del Mar. Another simple term, Prawn Aglio Olio. The doneness of the spaghetti i would say is "very well done" It is quite hard i would say, seem like they only boiled it for >1min. Overall the taste is good, not too oily and it bring out a little bit of spiciness.

Did not manage to use it (place on the table)

Jamaica - said to be Mexican drink. Similar to sour palm drink i would say.

The price is reasonable and the food is good. Will come back for more when i have feel for Mexico food =D.

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