Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Nana's Green Tea

Craving for some Japanese food tonight and we decided to give Nana's Green Tea a try. We saw this outlet in Japan, however due to timing and the crowd we give it a miss. Did not know that there is one in Singapore =D

We arrive around 8pm, luckily there isn't any que (maybe because today is weekday ba). The layout of the seat is quite weird as the table is design for 6 paxs. So if you got 2 paxs, you will be occupying the whole table hence the table might be limited. They did have table for two but is attached together with the 6 seater just separated by a proferated metal sheet and the table is quite small.

They have quite a variety choice of green tea. But nothing much special, taste the same as other outlet (M.O.F) green tea drink... (not comparing to Pokka can drink) 

Tuna and Salmon Don. They have all Tuna and all Salmon type, but i more greedy wanted to try both =D It came with a miso soup and salad dressing (for those vegetable in the bowl) The meat is quite big piece and is thick, not like those tiny slice from those sushi shop. However, the meat taste "warm" do not taste like those taken out from fridge or "freshly" cut so it does not taste "fresh"

Chicken Udon in Cream sauces. They came with a selection of hot and cold udon for you to choose your preference. The cream sauces taste like carbonara (more watery type) to me and my wife like the taste. 

Their main dish only Don and Udon and they have appetizer like Salad and Sushi roll as well. Ohh... not to forget.... DESSERT!! haha... they have a variety of green tea dessert to choose from... What else can we expect from Nana's "Green Tea". 

We decided to share a dessert to complete our dinner (we are quite full after the main course and drinks)  As they decorate until there is no space for us to insert the spoon inside, we have to finish the top before moving down. Overall the food is okay nice, but the price is a bit high, cost about $12 for one dessert.
Overall damage $67 for both.... (but i manage to get 2% cash rebate for citibank Dividend Credit Card =x)


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