Saturday, 29 June 2013

Harajuku - Tokyo/東京原宿

Free and Easy in Japan - We are at Harajuku.

It is just beside the Train station.

However, have to walk another 15-20 minutes

Before entering the temple, we have to cleanse ourselves with the holy water 

Quite a big place

Let us make some wish 

now we have to walk another 15-20 minutes out >.<

Took a walk along the street and some shopping

and we reached.................

the world......


junction........ we cross about 5-6 times before proceeding to next destination =x

Those who have been to Tokyo should know where am i... 

Roppongi Hill to view whole of Tokyo

As we are behind glasses causing reflection. If you are willing to pay more, you may proceed to another level where it is not covered with glass

Walking to next destination

Some road stall ramen. Did not really see much of these cart around in Tokyo

Destination - Eiffel Tower oppsS... sorry~ Tokyo Tower! Please be inform that the light will be off at 8pm and it will look like this

Time for dinner!! 
Saw people que-ing at this shop so thought of giving it a try

The taste is not very good but the portion is bigger than normal. The meat is thick and juicy, but the soup favour is too strong that we get quite sick of it. After fulling our stomach, we proceed back to our hotel -  Tokyu Stay

Went back to Tokyo Tower next day morning to take some day shoot.

Enough of Tokyo tower, next stop Daiba

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