Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Happy Chef Western Foods - Tai Hwa Eating House

Located in neighbourhood - Blk 466 Crawford Lane, Singapore 190466, Tai Hwa Eating House.

Menu (hang on the side of the wall). Quite a number of variety to choose from. Just Chicken Chop itself have 3-4 type of style

Got "cheated" by the display menu picture. I thought the dish come with fries and on top of that additional 2 more side~ but that is not the case. you choose our main course and than your side. 

I choose the Honey BBQ chicken with colesaw and eggs (i thought fries is already included T.T)

The Garlic bread is quite well baked. The side is crispy while the inside is soft. Colesaw is well marinate not too much of the mayonnaise taste. Egg nothing to describe =x Lastly, the chicken is juicy however i do not really taste the honey. The sauce i find the tomato taste too strong and quite salty.

Will still visit when got chance as there are other course which seem nice =x

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