Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tsukiji Market - Tokyo

Free and Easy in Japan - Tsukiji Market

Woke up early in the morning around 4am hopefully to catch the bidding process in the market. It is said to be the oldest market in Tokyo.

Not sure we are too late or what, we did not manage to see the bidding process and tourists are not allow to enter the market (the section where they sell those seafood) before 9am and we did not stay till 9.  
*Some of the picture is taken from website to show how inside the market look like. Credit should be given to them

However, our disappointment is overcome by the great sushi there.

Look at the crowd at this early hour~ OMG!

Manage to find one shop (recommended by the Japanese there) where the crowd have yet to come.

Great meal for good value. The shop mostly sell set meal and do not have sushi.

After a good breakfast, we went Ginza for some shopping ^^.

Summon Uncle oO

Such a good order, que-ing up for bus. Singapore u see people rushing for boarding bus!

Que-ing to go in~ =D Uniqlo

A lot of variety in convenience store

 Our Lunch - bread =)

More shopping at Harajuku

Stopped by for high tea at Pierre Herme at Omotesando

Shopping at the way till evening before proceed back to hotel to collect out luggage as we are heading to Hokkaido - Sapporo !

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