Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hotel Route Inn - Sapporo

During our travel around Hokkaido, we change hotel as we settle at different place.
You can consider Hotel Route Inn when you are at Sapporo.

It is located very near to the train station, less than 5 minutes walk, just one street across the station.

Coffee machines located at the lobby for guest to enjoy

Lift Lobby

Quite a nice room with a queen size bed and a make up table

Toilet equipped with the necessary items, Shampoo, Body wash, Conditioner, Toothbrush and Paste

Hotel come with Hot spring located at B1

Hotel staff will issue a card for the lady to enter the Hot spring. And you can only enter during the certain timing. Guy is "open" at all time no need card to access.

First enter and leave your shoes on the racks

Second take off your clothes and leave it in the basket

Third, remove your make up~ =D sorry.. i think this is the last step after the bath as the table is well furnish with comb, shaver, cotton bud, some skin lotion

Okay, Third should be washing up of yourself with all the shampoo and shower head

Lastly, is to dip yourself in the Hot Spring. =D 

Okay, the process is made up by me. I also do not know what is the procedure. Not sure is it because i went too early, there is no one around and which is why i manage to take picture of it. Of all place, cannot find where to hang my tower so i suspect tower is not needed until you went out of the hot spring to the area where we left our clothes in the basket. haha... a question which i have not solve yet. =p

Before i end, the program in Japan is boring.... especially all is in japanese. Totally cannot understand.... However, they have a system where you can purchase a TV card which is located at the lift lobby in order to view some "other" program/movies. One card per day, not one card throughout the hotel stay.

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