Saturday, 20 July 2013

Just want cafe - the garden

Went out "High Tea" at The Garden with wife and her friend in Johor Bahru.

I suppose "Just Want Coffee" is the slogan of the cafe

The Main entrance got no gate, i wonder how they lock up at night o.O

It is a residential house where the owner convert it into a cafe. Simple cafe with not much decoration (hence not much picture to take >.<) Nice colour combination (hmm... seem like Xia Xue house colour =x) Because it is residential housing, the seating is also limited... two hand can count ( but not sure is it because of the weather, they only setup table on shaded areas) and we waited for 20-30 min for a table (that not all)

Simple one page menu. Serve mostly drink (just like the slogan Just want Coffee)

Have a bottle of beer under the hot weather, shiok ar~ (i did not order this, but i guess shiok ar  =p)

Order Macadamia Milk. They have some macadamia nut in it as well. 

Order Waffle which meant to be shared with wife but she had it all T.T (do not know is it the taste too good that she do not want to share with me)
The service is not very good, as the server do not seem to be attentive and the kitchen seem to be in a mess. We waited for another 20+ minutes before our drink is being served. Imaging it is only a bottled drink, milk and mocha, how long can it take. Other table who ordered later than us got their thing served faster than us. (no pic of mocha because it is serve when wife is having the last piece of the waffle which i did not bother to take anymore)

See so happy...

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