Saturday, 18 May 2013

Studio M Hotel Singapore

Looking for some gathering(not for big group, about 6 paxs) in hotel? you might want to give Studio M a consideration...

The group of us gathered together to celebrate Christmas 2012 and have been wondering where to host it until one of us suggest Studio M hotel.

The rate is alright and the environment good~ at night you can walk over to clarke quay for some drinks and walk. The room is cosy good enough for all to gather around. They design the room with mezzanine where is bedroom is locate upstair or downstair (able to choose which type you want)

Queen size bed

Located on the upper deck. Basically upper deck did not have much space. Just enough for a queen size bed and a wall hung Tv console

Lower deck where we can gather and mingle around. Tv is located at the upper deck so all will concentrate on the activities and not get distracted (not sure is an advantage or disadvantage)

Lower deck wasn't very spacious but that how it can make us gather more close to one another =D

Toilet and bathroom separated. I find the bathroom a bit small. You have to be careful during bathing as  your clothes will get wet easily.

Small pantry area

That all about the room. Next show you the facilities (swimming pool) =D

Not very big pool, about a 100m length

Last but not least the lobby with some decoration and computer for guest to surf internet. This level is only accessible by guest as room key is needed to select the floor.

More Information, you can visit their website HERE

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