Monday, 13 May 2013

Kirishima Shuzou Japanese Restaurant

Looking for Traditional Japanese Restaurant? You can give Kirishima Shuzou Japanese Restaurant a try located in Johor, Crystal Crown Hotel.

Coming back from Japan, we still got the craving for Japanese food. After some research, heard that Kirishima Shuzou Japanese Restaurant serve some traditional japanese food. Making use of mother day, we went there to celebrate.  

The restaurant is decorate quite like japanese style, surround with Sakae bottle, bamboo and some japanese comic for you to read

You can see the chef preparing your dishes

Once seated, they will serve you hot towel for you to wipe your hand and a small appetizer

First thing we ordered, Chawanmushi!! But a bit disappointed cause quite tasteless. (notice the cup, it is chipped) 

Can't remember the name of this, Clear Soup something. Ordered because the clear soup in Japan is wonderful!! Hence hope to have the same over here... but, here is not Japan T.T

Ordered two set meal and one soup which they call steamboat. Although the taste was not really that comparable to Japan, however the feeling, atmosphere and presentation is somehow closer to Japan compare to other Japanese restaurant we have been. Price wise is reasonable, we will definitely go back again. 

If you are parking inside Crystal Crown Hotel, please be extra careful as the turning radius within the car park is very tight, one small wrong turn you can get your car scratched. You can present your parking coupon to the restaurant as they will chop it so you can have "discount" for your parking. Parking fees is paid upon at the exit where there will have a attendance seated at the exit to collect money from you.

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