Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Short Trip to KL

Making use of the long weekend, we have a short road trip to KL together with my wife friends.

Set off about 6am and got lost within KL City as the road is very confusing (even though we have GPS with us) as there is a few of exit and cross road on the highway. But still manage to find our destination, Publika.

 It was about 10am and we head for our planned Brunch ^^v - Plan B.
After a good lunch, we continue our shopping in Publika.

Publika is a half shopping mall and half residence development

Outdoor shelter stage for events

Tired from shopping? have a break~ =D

I would say they have quite a number of shops which not found in Singapore. Although they does not have common brand like Uniqlo or H&M, it is still a nice place for walk about. Plenty of restuarant as well.

Initially we wanted to have brunch here. But they do not serve breakfast menu.

Dropped by for some ice cream with crazy favour - French Toast and Kaya?! (we did not order haha)

Decide to try something not so extreme... haha~ (Teh Tarik, Root Beer and Salted Gula Melaka)

Did not know those cookie can be mix with cake haha~

Continue with our shopping at next mall - One U
The mall is crowded with car and people. We got hard time finding a lot (even illegal parking also got problem). Did not have much rest there, just shopping... (hence not much photo =x)

You can find Uniqlo here 

Some Japan exihibition

Car show by Ford

Some decoration

After that, we proceed back to our hotel - Valenza Hotel and prepare for our Dinner - Coco SteamBoat =D

After dinner, it is Dessert time!!! We seek for our favourite Snow Flake.

That all for one day. Next day we will pack our gear and go Genting!

Before heading up, we went for a nice breakfast in Publika - The Red Beanbag.

On our way up to Genting, we passed by Batu Cave. As i have never been there before, we made a detour in and snap some photo. ^^v

Another mall for shopping and makan. - Paradigm Mall.

You can find H&M here

Security guard with shotgun... do not play play with them

Let's have lunch before we hit the highway and back to Singapore.

It is a mixture of grilled and steamboat

surprising the meat taste is good

You can grill the meat in the center and boil the vegetable at the side

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