Monday, 22 July 2013

Kozantei Ubuya 湖山亭/富士山

We had a night stay in Kozantei Ubuya during our trip in Mt Fuji and the feeling is so good......
This is also one of the reason my wife choose to go Kawaguchiko.

The reception counter. We check in at the wrong time as a group of travel agency came in before us and they were busy checking in the group. However, the staff direct us to waiting areas instead of waiting in front of the counter.

The waiting areas

Soon a staff came over to take our particular and serve us some refreshment

Green tea, hot towel and some cake. Soon, they came back with our room key and the staff personally lead us to our room.

Along the corridor place, a resting areas

Our room. They are not like normal hotel where we used card access, they use normal key for locking and unlocking. The staff which lead us to our room did not stop there, she continue to help us open up the door and bring us inside. She will then "introduce" and show us the room one round, just like property agent showing you the flat.

You will remove your shoes and change to slipper

Leading to toilets

They provide hand, skin, etc lotions

Bathroom look like Hot spring design

Coffee Table

They have tea pot for you to brew tea

Ware robe and safe (also using key not digital type) 

Dining room which is also our bedroom (explain later)

Some snack on the table. Did i mention is delicious? =D

Living room

With the view of Mt Fuji

Our beds for that night. After finish exploring the room, we proceed for our dinner.

Before the staff leave our room, she had check with us what time do we wish to have our dinner. I was wondering why do we need to inform them, now i know.

They actually vacant the whole room for us (we only have 2 person =.=) One more thing, they indicate a specific server to serve us as well.

We told them that this trip is our honeymoon trip and they gave us a bottle of sake ^^


Her (spot the different =x)

Cooking time~ Too bad they do not have anyone to cook for you =x Simply love the beef!! Some far the best i have eaten, is not like what we had in restaurant or hawker (ok, i haven't been to any high class restaurant) It melt in your mouth without much chewing. 

Wife got the seafood

The course was served one by one and the timing is quite ok, you did have to wait too long for the next course. However there is a call button which you can call the server anytime. We both wishes that it will never end =x until we see the dessert being served.  =( sad face

Some wishes that they gave us but is in japanese. Do not understand >.<

Before we leave the restaurant, the server inform us that they will be serving tea at the lounge areas during certain time and we went exploring the hotel while waiting for the tea session =p.

Public Toilet

Vending Machines selling Ice Cream (Haagen-Daz some more)

Mini Temple

Some shop which sell snack, shampoo and etc

Guess no need me to intro =D


Nope, it is not a private room or seminar room

It is The Library. (What.... library in a hotel? i was like o.O)

This area is equip with power point and wifi signal for guest to use their laptop or serve internet here. Further down is room equip with message chair. We sat there for about an hour =x (free message)
They also have spa service, as the staff is standing outside i feel embarrasses to take photo.

More dinning areas, mostly enclose (guess is meant for privacy)

The Lounge where we enjoy our Tea~~~ Oh, they have KTV room as well. (there's people in it hence not convenience to take pic also.

Next we proceed for some Hot Spring =p For lady, they will have to take lift to another level. (they do not have public one sad =x)

In Japanese, do not understand what this is for. Seem like drinking water but i do not dare to try =D

They have two storey of hot spring. One level is indoor like the picture and the other is outdoor type where you get to see the sky. Time for bed ZzzZzz

When we return to our room, the hotel staff have also help us set up the bed for us. So now the dining areas become our bed room. Not sure why but the bed on the floor feel even nicer than my home mattress.

The next day we got to dine in at the same room with the same server for our breakfast. 

It is an enjoyable and comfort stay i had so far. If were to go Mt Fuji again, i will go back to the hotel.

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