Tuesday, 28 May 2013


One of the nicest ramen we have tried in Tokyo - Ikebukuro.

When enter the shop, you need to buy the coupon first before proceed to your seat. Is like vending machine, put in money and the coupon will drop out. No english/chinese translation, we base on picture and order. If not wrong, there is only one type of ramen. The different is one enable to to top up the ramen after the first round. You can request for additional items / side order as well. Eggs is not included so have to order extra.

After purchasing of your ticket, look at the board for available seat. The one lighted with blue is available and you may proceed in

There are basket behind the seat for you to place your belong and hang your coat

When seated, the staff will pass you a piece of paper for you to make your choice of how you want your ramen to be. (spicy level, spring onion or without, garlic, softness of your ramen and etc) 
Basically like custom made the type of ramen you want. 

Finish up the soup to reveal secret wording at the bottom of it =x haha.... i think i would not get sick of it eating everyday 

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