Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Red Beanbag

Recommended by our friends, to give it a try since we are in KL.

As the cafe named "Red Beanbag", i thought those bag is red bean

Nope, it is coffee bean

Early in the morning 10am, already filled with people

The Dark side - slightly heavier meal

The light side - lighter breakfast like toast and soup.

Chocolate yaya - do not know why with "yaya" it is like mocha, coffee with chococlate

Freshly squeeze orange juice

Mushroom soup

Lamb something =x haha with a roti prata
Pan cake with fruit

The Athlantic, Salmon with poach eggs mushroom and spinach. The toast is soft like pan cake (but it is not pan cake) easy to slice together with the salmon and eat it as a whole.
Great place with great food. Nice experience.
Can't seem to find their website. However, you can visit their Facebook Pages HERE

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