Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Picante Curry at Sapporo

We went to Picante Curry for dinner during our visit in Sapporo. What can i say.... GOOD!!!

The menu is place on the table for your to view and choose. You might take your time as there is a service button for you to call for service when you are ready.

Sadly to say, the menu is all in Japanese. So we can only see base on some chinese character and the picture to figure out what is it. In the end i ordered some thing more expensive than my wife (she got the pork, wa... the meat melt in your mouth!!)

First you got to choose your soup base (there are types, one Standard, the other one different day diff flavour) than follow by your ingredient (pork, chicken, etc [i think. we got pork and the other one scroll down to see =x]) They also have different level of spiciness (can't remember how many level) however,  there is an additional charge if you want very spicy, for the first or two level is "free". I ordered one extra egg to go with =p



T.T i gotten MUSHROOM as my ingredient. it cost more expensive than pork.... i was wondering to get Seafood through =.=


My additional egg

Some Drink to go along with our meal

Overall, the dinner is nice, quite a unique style of dish. It is also to said to be the specialty of Sapporo as other state did not have it. Recommended to go if you happen to be at Sapporo. =D

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