Tuesday, 26 March 2013

ParkRoyal Hotel

ParkRoyal Hotel setup a few hotels around in Singapore with the convenience of going to Town and attraction areas.
- ParkRoyal on Beach Road
- ParkRoyal on Kitchener Road
- ParkRoyal on Pickering
- ParkRoyal Serviced Suites Singapore

We held our wedding dinner with ParkRoyal on Beach Road and were given a free night stay in their Suite Room and we decided to use it to celebrate my birthday.

Beach Road is location in our City areas with the convenience of walking to shopping mall like Suntech City, Raffles City, Bugis Junction. You can also take train to Orchard, Town areas.

Our room is located at the top floor. There is a reading corner when you come out of the lift. 

The route to our room =P

The Suite Room is a combination of two room so you can roughly imaging how spacious the room can be. It is like a Studio Apartment where there is a Living room and a Master bed room.

Upon entering the room, it is the living room 

Come with "dinning" table

Snack and wine on the table is bought in by us, not given by the hotel =x

Decoration on the coffee table (i feel it special is that they provide fruits)

There is a toilet in at the living room as well. I think they designed it this way so that you would not need to fight for toilet with your partner early in the morning. =x or rather it can be used by your guest.

The Master bedroom. King size bed with two side lamp, a working desk and TV console. There is a door which you can close it to prevent your guest from seeing your bedroom as well.

Transparent Bathroom. There is a curtain where you can always bring it down if you are sharing the room with someone

Shower room and water closet is separated with two basin as well. I guess it can prevent any fighting with your partner in the morning =D

Not sure is it because we are treated as a Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) member, we get to enjoy their high tea session at their lounge. 

Some random shot of the view while we are having our High Tea

The Hotel also have dinner buffet on the ground floor where they a theme for it and it changes every month (Did not manage to take picture). The theme that we got is crab and you can expect to find various cooking style of crab in the buffet. After dinner, my friend came over to our room and celebrate my birthday. 

The next day, we went to one of the restaurant to have tea and snack.

Unfortunately, i did not manage to explore all corner of the hotel for their facilities like Gym, Swimming pool, bars and etc. Lastly, i did not comment much on the food quality because they are all good, no bad review about it. =)

Hope to have a chance again to visit ParkRoyal Beach Road again and their other outlet to give the in depth of the Hotels' facilities and restaurant. 

For more information on ParkRoyal on Beach Road, you can visit their official website - Here
or their main website - Here

ParkRoyal on Beach Road
7500 Beach Road, Singapore 199591
Tel: +65 65055666
Fax: +65 62963600 

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