Monday, 3 June 2013

添好運 (Tim Ho Wan)

添好運 - Tim Ho Wan, which is origin from Hong Kong came to Singapore Plaza Singapura shopping Centre. It is also known for World's cheapest Michelin Restaurant.

Wanted to try earlier on however the crowd is always very long. As my stomach is caving for it, i decided to que for it today no matter how long the que was.....

All the way outside the mall =.= but they are quite considerate as they place a few standing fans outside for the customers.

Full house! But you are given moving space and separate table from other, not like Hong Kong where table is combine with stranger and you hardly have any moving space around you. 

Some of the decorate of the shop. Articles promoting the shop and the food.

Menu set on the table acting as table clothe

Sauce on the side 

Write your order and pass to the waiter/waitress

Top 4 fav dish - Carrot cake. Outlook seem burnt but it does not have any burnt taste. Very soft, easily dissolve within your mouth. Outside is not very crispy though

Phoenix Leg (chicken leg) - the skin came off as you chew it. Not over cook nor under cook. (we order 2 portion =p)

Top 4 fav dish - Bbq pork bun. Really taste like bread crispy and juice filling of char siew within. I think this sell like hot cake that they restricted only 1 order per pax.

Shrimp Dumpling, i can only say they are not stingy with the filling.  

Top 4 fav dish - Egg Cake. It is not like those cake we have it outside, the sponge will not stick on the top of your mouth. Simply delicious.

Pork Dumpling. The filling is very fresh which i do not feel like eating pork oO 

Shrimp and Pig liver VermiRoll (Pig liver is one of the top 4 fav dish). The sauce is very well season, not too salty and enjoy eating it with the VermiRoll. Although i do not quite think the pig liver is that nice till top 4 fav. 

Yam Sago - normal dessert nothing much special. But sad they do not serve cold.

They do not accept reservation hence sad to say we need to que for it. Definitely worth que-ing for it. Btw, if you want ice water, you got to pay for it >.<

Located: Plaza Singapura #01-29A/52
MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut

Add on photo for the restaurant in Hong Kong.

Long que before the restaurant operation time. When the shop open, they will issue you a que number and ask you to come back later (we waited for about 2-3 hour) from breakfast 8 plus to lunch time 12 plus.

Waited too long, from hungry to not hungry hence we just order a bit. the space is super tight, you have to tug in your "chicken wing" (keep your elbow close to your body) and eat. (you can see i am touching the person beside me even when my arm is already close to my body) 

Lucky now we can go Plaza Singapura and eat, however be assure that you have to que for it as well.
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