Friday, 21 June 2013

A Trip to Hongkong

Hmm... some old picture i dig out from wife hard disk. The picture are quite random which taken during our trip in Hongkong and some place i can't really remember their name. Just for sharing purpose.

All the way up to catch the night scenery of Hong Kong  

One of the night view of Hong Kong - The Peak


We took the same flight =p

Guess where we are going =x

Yup..... DisneyLand!!!!

Our ticket plus hotel room key(at the end of the stay, room key is given to you as a souvenir from the hotel)

Too busy playing liao (and busy fighting que with those Chee Na ppl!!!), so did not take much photo inside >.< 

Fireworks at night. After a long night we proceed back to our hotel - Disneyland Resort Hotel and rest ZzzZzz

One of the famous restaurant - 澳洲牛奶公司 for their Steam Milk! The sandwich and macaroni is a set meal 

Must try in HongKong Wanton Noodle

Some scenery 

Random food we had

One of the famous restaurant for Roast Goose - Yungkee

We actually just finish our dinner when we purchase this. Because they mention is famous so we just had one packet to take away and had it back in our hotel. However, it turn cold so it was not as good as we expected.

Don't know why i can't seem to find a lot of dim sum restaurant around (from HK show i saw they like to yam cha (drink tea and eat dim sum) alot. Thought dim sum restaurant should be quite common along the street)

There is one dessert shop which we visit almost every day - 许留山
One more restaurant we visited - 添好運 (the one i blogged is in Singapore. Have added HK outlet at the bottom of it)

We also went Macau for one day =p

Personally i feel Macau got nothing to do and see beside if you are going there to gamble (i might be wrong as i did not do much homework? =x) And also because of the traveling time we use from HK to Macau, we did not have much time left to explore (partially want to save money, so we nv take cab. We walk!)

Some recommended wanton noodle over there.

Bought along the street while walking back to hotel~ Not to miss out, a must drink in HK... Bubble tea!!! (in the background =p, not the beer >.<)

Like to apologise that i did not post much of HK's street photographs as most of them we are inside the picture (shy to post) haha... Definitely will visit HK again someday. Will load with more picture then.

Some model put up in the airport as the period of our visit is also F1 period. 

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