Thursday, 20 June 2013

Disneyland Resort Hotel - Hong Kong

As we predicted that it is going to be a long day in Disneyland, we decided to stay in Disneyland Resort Hotel as we do not want to travel too far back to hotel and having to squeeze with the other in the train.

Mickey to greet you at the lobby =D

This room is not our, just to show that the hotel make effort to decorate it for the guest i guess is here to celebrate their child birthday. Do not know how magical it is behind the door.

Two queen size bed!!! Imaging how big the room is..... can consider sharing it with a group of friends or another couple

Mini bar counter

Slipper which you can bring home =x

Bathroom, on the left is the bath tube and the right is the water closet.

Toiletries item with seven dwarf picture

Bath tube. Hmm... can't seem to find the water closet, i nv take meh?

Shower gel

Despite the tiredness from Disneyland, we still went round the hotel to snap picture (make full use of our stay =p)

Christmas theme

A maze. Due to night time, we do not dare to play scare cannot find our way out >.< it is above our height level (above 1.7m)

Morning went for breakfast ^^

While you are eating, disney character will come and mingle around where you can take photo with them. (no need to que up like in the theme park) Check out after breakfast and continue our journey in Hong Kong.

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