Thursday, 27 June 2013


Canton-I is another sister outlet with Dragon-I which serve chinese cuisine (Hong Kong Style) like buns, noodles and dim sum. Heard that their custard bun is nicer than Dragon-I hence we decided to give it a try.

Full house and the moving space is quite limited

Quite disappointed with the custard bun. Although it is serve hot, but the inside is not those watery type but dried up, does not give what a custard bun should taste like.  

Wanton noodle. Look plain at first glance

Lets dig the wanton out =p, taste not bad

Char siew and beef bristol noodle (not wanting to eat rice so order noodle) The part of pork used for the char siew is different from Singapore, juicy and tender. The beef as well, simply break up in your mouth. Not like those where you have to chew for a number of time.

Will try Dragon-I next time and write a comparison.

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