Sunday, 30 June 2013

Yokohama - Tokyo

Free and Easy in Japan - we are going to Yokohama

Japan is the origin of Manga and Anime, we are here to visit the Anpanman. 

Uncle Jam's Bakery

you can eat all the character =p

Saving our stomach for smaller snack =x

We did not go into the museum as it seem to be meant for kids. (basically all the adult bought along their kids). We went on to next destination - Cup Noodles Museum.

Making our own Cup Noodles, yummy yummy~

I think the bird is the mascot for cup noodle as it is around the museum 

Heard that they will only give out certain ticket per day and once the ticket finish, you will not be able to do your cup noodle. In order to ease the crowd, the ticket have different timing and you will only be allow to go in at the stated time. However, the number of people.....  

Choose your ingredient and favour

Design your own cup

Finish product~

The history of cup noodle how it came to current design

The place where the founder stay and invented cup noodle

After making our cup noodle, we tour round the areas and came here. Just nice they have some event going on selling beer and indian foods.

Some of the view

Next stop - Japan Chinatown

Surprisingly a lot of people here however they do not look "chinese" to me. Mostly Japanese

Went around buying and eating snacks and shop till night and went back hotel and rest.

Our dinner for the night. Had a early rest to save up energy for next day - Tokyo DisneySea.

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