Sunday, 16 June 2013

New Udon Thai

Mookata - is a term used for Thailand Steamboat. It is quite different from the steamboat we have - Is either a pot of soup where we boil the ingredient in it or a pot of soup in the center and hot plate at the side where we can grill the meat. However mookata is center is the hot plate and the side is the soup which make the whole thing look like an island.

It is an Ala Carte style, not like our usually buffet where one price and eat until you full. Choice of ingredient quite limited as well, Chicken, Breef, Pork, Fish ball, Crab Stick, Sotong and prawn (might have missed a one or two more item can't remember). They did not give menu to us but they stick it (menu) along the wall instead. They also have a standard set which they did not indicate the amount but we calculated is about $39+

This is one set, came with vegetable, eggs, prawns, sotong, fishball, chicken, pork, liver and crab stick. All meat is already marinated and is ready to go into my stomach. Joking you need to cook it! =p 

Island like pan where the soup is pour at the outer layer of the pan. You will grill the meat in the center and cook the vegetable at the surrounding.

Let enjoy! ^^

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