Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tokyo DisneySea/東京迪斯尼海洋

Free and Easy in Japan - We are going DisneySea.

We have been discussing whether to go DisneyLand, DisneySea or both during our honeymoon trip. It is said that we would not be able to complete (either one) within a day and we would not want to spend too much days on Disney itself. After much consideration, we decided to go for the Sea as it said the game is more for Adult and only Japan has it. We could always visit Land in other countries.

Just nice the period we went is their 30th Anniversary 

Is it standardize by Disney that their train and design look the same (so far i only have been to Hong Kong one).

Look at the que for DisneyLand!!!

Ticket per purchased with our local agency. (Information to be found Here)

At least not so bad~ single line que. Compare with Land >.< In the crowd i spotted about 90% (or more) are Japanese and their bag is full of disney character decoration.

Once the gate is open, people typically rush to their destination (so am I =x)

The que for one "station" (all station is the same, no wonder can't finish within one day. cause the que can take about 1 hour before your turn)
However, if you got the Express ticket, you can cut all the que and go to the front. But this express ticket is not something that can be purchase, you have to obtain it by scanning your entrance ticket. As you can see (the picture), there are two que (left and right), these que is actually for the same station where one is for the station and the other is for obtaining the express ticket. On the express ticket, it will indicate a certain timing, so that when you go back to the station (have to be same station where u obtain the ticket) at the timing, you can through the express lane to the front.
The advantage for this is (which i think it is), you can obtain a express ticket at station 1 and go to que up for station 2 so that when you finish station 2, you can go back to station 1 without having to que which actually help you cut down your waiting time. So this is what we did as well, while my wife is que-ing for station 1, i went over to station 2 to get the express ticket and before we went to station 2, we went over to station 3 and obtain the express ticket, so after station 2 we went to que for station 4. Finish station 4, go obtain for station 5 ticket and proceed back to station 3. Here another catch, there is a down time of 2 hours (or 1 hour, depending on the crowd that day[i think]) where you can obtain the next express ticket. Hope my explanation is not confusing =x. Even with the express ticket system we also can't complete all the station. In the end, we only go to those "recommended" by people on web.

I will not go into detail of those station we played, i can only say all of them are exciting and fun. The only down side is that all show is in Japanese which we cannot understand what are they talking however the staff there are okay with english. 

Their chicken is a must try!!!! They also sell different type of favoured popcorn at different sector.

Due to the windy weather, fire work is cancelled T.T and we went back to hotel disappointed (cause it is suppose to be special due to the 30th Anniversary)

Next - Mt Fuji ^^

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