Sunday, 16 June 2013

Diandin Leluk

As i am sending my wife's mother to Golden Mile Complex, we decided to have Thai food for dinner - Diandin Leluk.

Different type of sauces for you to go with the dishes

Chicken Feet Salad

They have removed the bone of the feet leaving only the skin for easy to enjoy.  It is a cold dish salad, a bit of sour which will help to open up your appetite.

Long Bean Sambal, not too hard nor soft. Nicely cooked.

Pork Garlic. The portion of the pork meat used is tender and the season-ing is just nice.

Seasoner Chicken

Warp in pandan leaf, chicken is soft and tender, did not get too strong pandan smell/taste.

Thai Otah, quite a unique taste.  

Something not be missed when eating Thai food. Tom Yam Soup ^^

End the dinner with Thai Dessert - Mango Sticky Rice!!! Yum Yum~ 

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