Sunday, 30 June 2013

Daiba - Tokyo/東京台場

Free and Easy in Japan - we are going to Daiba

Daiba is like a city of it own separating from Tokyo where we can access in by this particular train (serving only Daiba)

Mall where we can shop and some entertainment

Ghost house!! we do not dare to enter >.<

Selling some oldies staff

Tricky Art Museum

She is leaning against the wall and not really sitting on the bench


Suddenly i become so small


It was quite fun in the tricky art museum

Went over to Bills for our lunch =p before carry on to the next location (still within Daiba)

Hello Kitty shop (not rare in Japan)

Gundam Cafe

Turning dark

As the sky turn dark, most of the shop started to close and we head back and look for dinner - 無敵家
Next stop Yokohama.

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