Monday, 15 July 2013

The Manhattan Fish Market

Went over to Manhattan Fish Market as they are having some promotion on their Fish and Chip, $3.99 only! cheaper than hawker centre so we were thinking why not =p

When we reached there, it is already 9plus coming 930 and the restaurant is packed with customer and we waited. The staff did not inform us that last order is at 930 until we ask them about it and we still haven't gotten any seat. We ask if they could take out order first but they simply ignore, okay nvm for the sake of $3.99 we continue waiting. Lucky for us, one of the customers decided to leave before 930.

Soup of the Day - Mushroom soup, tasteless 

Fried Mushroom, the presentation look un appealing, salad not fresh as you can see some of the leave is already yellowish

Mussel, cold when serve

Pan Fried Dory - i did not try this so cannot comment

Fish n Chip, taste okay but not sure is it i got too much fried food it can be quite sickening after half of the fish.

Did not enjoy my dinner, as the services and the food we get do not seem to be coming from restaurant standard. Like hawker centre.... Maybe what you pay is what you get? Quite disappointed to receive such service, although is it promotion but i do not think it is an excuse for Manhattan fish market to produce a lousy quality presentation and food. (i paid a la cart price for the Fried Mushroom some more). Don't think will visit them again any "year" soon.

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