Sunday, 21 July 2013

Rasa Sayang Western Food - S11

Another western which we frequent, located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Blk 711 - S11.

You will have to find a seat first as when you order, they will ask you for their table no. A lot of people will stand around in front of the stall, they are not queueing but wait for their take away food, hence do not que behind any of them. Walk up to the stall and order your food.

Order fruit juice to go with my western ^^. But i find the uncle put a bit too much ice =S

Do not know why today their taste standard drop. The egg came "broken" no more yolk. Chicken a bit too dry, meat quite hard. Garlic bread very crunchy and their salad best~ Mushroom sauce where you can see the butter head mushroom.

Just next to the coffeeshop is a cinema mall where on the ground floor sell quite a number of drinks, snack and food.I think because of that, they put up this sign board. You might have to wait for few minutes to find empty table

Some of the shop, there are sub way, popeye and dessert store as well.

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