Sunday, 14 July 2013

Strictly Pancakes

Pancake Lover? then i think you should pay a visit to this cafe - Strictly Pancake.
As stated by the name, the menu is all about Pancake. Although i mention it is all about pancake, it is not like they are serving many different flavour of pancake. They use pancake to go with your food like Chicken, Porks, Fruits and etc. 

You were also given a choice to choose your butter - Salted, Unsalted, Garlic and Herb, Rum & Raisin together with Maple syrup. 

Menu on the wall

Although the cafe occupied two storey, their seating is limited

Nutella Shake - Wife find it too sweet  =D

Garlic and Herb butter recommended by the staff

Wife got the Unsalted


Order the Chicken A La which i find the meat a bit hard and dry (guess because they are using Chicken Breast) the sauce is nice. Came together with 3 slices of Pancake where the taste is quite standard ("tasteless" depend on what flavor of butter you spread on it) and thick (i really need to use knife to slice it due to the thickness). Their Maple syrup is quite different, watery type not those sticky sticky type. Quite surprise that i find it very fulling ( i thought pancake can full me up =x) however you can choose to have 2 slices instead and have a dollar off.

Wife ordered Snuggle Up (Hot dog and a mini sun shine up). Scramble egg is a add on order, taste sweet. Do not know how to describe but i would say the hot dog is Nice! 

Will definitely go back again to try other course and they have chocolate pancake (saw a number of guest ordered that one).

You may wish to visit their website - Here & make reservation (as the seating is limited unless you do not mind waiting)

Address: (2 outlet)
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674
Tel: 6333 4202

81 Upper East Coast Rd
Singapore 455220
Tel: 6448 7332

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