Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mt Fuji - Kanto

Free and Easy in Japan - We are heading to Mt Fuji

We took a local coach bus to Mt Fuji which took us about 2 hour.
The bus terminal is located at Shinjuku station.
You can check out Shinjuku Highwaybus for the available bus timing and direction to the terminal.
The purchase of bus ticket is only open up to 30days before departure date.

We purchased our tickets online hence i also do not know how to purchase it at the counter. You can check your bus timing at the sign board above the counter.

Ready to go~

Random shot along the journey

One of the scariest roller coaster in world- 富士急乐园

Reaching our destination

Beside taking coach to Mount Fuji, you can also choose to take train there, however it is more expensive as compared to coach.
I find it is more troublesome as you need to exchange the train twice and you will need to carry your luggage together.
The journey time is also longer than taking coach (unless the highway is jam, if not take coach will takes about 1 and half hr while train takes about 2hr)

This bus which bring us round the areas

There is a cafe in the bus terminal which we settle our lunch there before setting off

One of the reason my wife choose to go Kawaguchiko a.k.a 河口湖 instead of Hakone is because
  Hakone is too commercialize and crowded to her. 
When you are at Kawaguchiko, you can see Mt.Fuji wherever which tourist spot you are at.

Traveling round is very time wasting as the bus will only come every hour or more and every area you alight can finish explore within 20 - 30 min. Each stop is not very near as well, for you to walk is like wait for the bus to come. Therefore we did not cover all the places but a while selected one.

We went up hill to have a overall view  (天上缆车站)

A small temple for prayer

It was around 5-6pm and we decided to head back to the hotel - Kozantei Ubuya. The last bus timing is about 5pm too. If miss that, you can only choose to take cab. That all for Mt Fuji, hope to go up to one day....

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