Sunday, 17 March 2013

AnMour Cafe

Looking for cheap and nice western? You might want to try AnMour Cafe

Quite a crowd during a Friday night. Waited for 15-20min before we got a seat.

Too slow in taking out phone, manage to snap the bread. We were given 3 bread don't is it because we have 3 person. Served with gravy instead of butter. Bread is toasted hence it is warm and a bit crispy. 

Mussel =D quite hard to find a decent size mussel around. Nowadays, those mussels served in restaurant all shrunk, unable to taste the favour properly.

Seafood Spag

Er... cannot remember the name >.< will update again as i will be going back there maybe for some burger!!! saw other customer eating, seem good~~

Initially, service was good. First two dish (mussel and spag) was serve fast, however the last dish was delayed till my wife finished her spag and their totally forgot our water until we asked about the last dish. I wanted to wait for my main course and enjoy it together with the mussels, by the time my course is serve the mussels is already cold and sauce harden. The price is reason as well. If do not mind the service, you may consider having a meal here. 

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