Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Looking for more traditional dessert? You can try this Tian Yuan dessert where they offered a range of traditional dessert like Tang Yuan, Ice Kachang, Zhi Ma Hu and etc.

Walk in and find your selves a good spot and sit down. The staff will come over to the counter to hand you the menu.

They also have snack like dumpling, rojak, yam cake and etc.

After looking through the menu and selected your dessert, you will have to write your order on a order list which is place on the table and proceed to the cashier and made payment for your order. After which, the dessert will be served to your table by the staff.

Pay first then can eat =D

My Ice Ka Chang~~ Luv the Peanuts

Fu Zhu Bai Gou Yu Mi 
I thought is a hot dessert but turn out to be cold one. Not bad~ Quite refreshing taste.

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