Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Jamie's Italian

Jamie Oliver is in Singapore!!! i mean his restaurant =x. It is located at Vivocity level 1. Have seen his food show on TV before and decided to give it a try (although is not cooked by him personally)

The restaurant work in the way that if there is no available table, they will take down your name and contact and they will send you a notification when there is table available. So you will not be waiting outside the store.

Some book laying around the "waiting areas" for us to read while the staff is preparing your table

Not sure if it is meant for us to eat while waiting =x haha

The Bar

The Kitchen

Black Angel Spagheti

Prawn Linguine
The pasta (i mean both) taste great, the flavouring is good. However (my personal feel) the spagheti is hard (But my wife feel it just nice) and a bit cold. But not sure is it because we busy taking photo hence cause it to be cold. There is two price for the Pasta, one is Appetizer portion, the other is Main course. So if you going to order a few other dishes, you may consider the appetizer portion (although i do not know the size >.<)

Lamb Chop Lollipops
The Lamb is great! It is grilled and serve with no sause with it but you will not get the Lamb "taste" or smell. However, in the center (covered by the lamb, they have some side which can be acted as the sause which go well with the lamb. Can't figure out what is that, not stated in the menu as well. But my friend said it taste and look like mash tuna oO) The meat can easily slice and when chew it will not like rubber where the meat remain in your mouth not willing to go down the throat. It taste like you are eating pork (i dun mean the taste but the chewing process). Not sure if you can request for the doneness of the meat (as they din ask me for mine) it is serve (i would consider) medium as you can see the redness in the center. People who may not like the redness, you might want to request if they could cooked it longer.

Chocolate and Vin Santo Pot

Hmm... not really know how to describe this dessert that we had. It is a chocolate mose at the base, with cream, chocolate powder, zabaglione ice cream (ok i can't tate what flavour is that =x, but it have alcohol taste and slight almond taste at the end) with some Hazenut on the top, lastly two biscuit at the side =x. Not really my favourite though.

More Information you can visit the website Here

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