Sunday, 4 August 2013


Went on a day trip with buddy and we had our dinner in Jb - 三楼海鲜

This restaurant had a few outlet within Jb. The one we went is located in the residential housing areas and you may park your vehicle along outside those residential house (but make sure do not obstruct the traffic and block their gate).

Crowded as usual but still manage to get a table

Coconut for the hot weather

It's Saturday~ Let's chill

The Signature dish - Fried Mee Hoon

Fried Sotong

Fried Toufu 

Pork Rib

Sambal Clam

Recommended by our brother - Benjamin

The best which is saved for the last (actually because this dish came the last =x)

Completed meal with a smile~

Some picture of another outlet which we went previously,

Hmm... the prawn seem different from the above post

Oyster Omelet 

Fishball soup? i forgot the name 

Fried Toufu - also different from the above post.  I still prefer this Toufu compare to the above outlet.

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