Tuesday, 3 November 2015

3rd November 2015

Keke, on Leave today as well. (actually i took 3 days leave because i am suppose to be taking part in this year Subaru Car Challenge, but i did not manage to draw a place in it =(. So i just spend my leave at home then)
As usual, send wife to work. After which went to Nex for my "Free" Facial which i got it from Starhub advertisement.
Reached there quite early, so walk around the mall to pass time. They are having Gundam Fair from now till 8th Nov 2015. The model are so cool!!! wanted to buy but no space to display at home. T_T

Went for my facial appointment at 11am. Haiz...... there is no FREE lunch in the world!!!!!! the free facial is just a normal H2O treatment which is not "suitable" for my face condition. So they ask me to take up another treatment which cost $330!!!! *faint* and because i have this "free" H2O treatment, they offer $130 for me. Actually my intention is also to do facial (my last facial...... 4-5yr ago? hmmm or longer? haha) so i decided to go ahead.

After treatment, the consultant as usual will introduce you package, i guess she try to "sell" me the package for about 15-20minutes which i decline =D. But in the end i still get some skin product from them (haiz, my soft character) which cost me another $160+ =(

The outlet 

one Cleanser, one Toner and one Soothing Gel (Guess i am easily pursue to purchase)

Told my wife about it and kenna Left, Right, Center. In order to comfort her, i decided to cook dinner tonight =p haha..... 
Before cooking. Finished product already in stomach never take =x


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