Sunday, 1 September 2013

Maco Cafe & Bakery

If you have craving for Mille Crepe, this is the place.

They got more than 10 different flavor of Mille Crepe and they also have some snack and dessert like sandwhich, pie, etc.

The Cafe just finish renovation and we decided to pay a visit!

Weekend they close quite early, not really a place if you want to chill with friends till late
Some decoration in the cafe. Macaroons clothes!!  

Chilling corner. Hot Spot, all guest aiming for this seat =x 

Different type of crepes for you to choose from

Some tea to go along with your crepe
Chestnut favour! 

Tuck in time!

As mention, they do serve other food as well. This is our fav. =x Do check them out if you are looking for some cosy place to chill with friends!
Wife order 9 different flavor of crepe as my birthday cake >.<
Thank you lAo Po!

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